metta dealers A2P 10DLC

All great things inevitably come to an end. Remember when your dealership could simply post on Facebook marketplace? or when Facebook ads were 10 cents on the dollar to what they’re now? How about when people use to respond to emails religiously, remember that? The way we do things evolves. In the same vein, the methods we’ve used for messaging our customers are undergoing a crucial shift, and it’s essential for car dealerships to stay in the loop.

What is A2P 10DLC and why should you care?

In our increasingly mobile world, SMS (Short Message Service) has risen as a dominant force in business-customer interaction. Yet, with its rise came challenges. Traditional messaging methods faced limitations in scalability and encountered carrier restrictions. There was also a rise in spam and unsolicited messages, which eroded customer trust and carriers found themselves having to do something about this which is when AP2 10DLC is born.

Designed to address these challenges, A2P 10DLC ensures businesses can send large volumes of messages while maintaining the trustworthiness of their communications. It’s a response to the need for better, more scalable, and trustworthy business SMS solutions.

A2P stands for “Application-to-Person.” At its core, it’s a type of messaging where a business application is sending text messages to a customer on behalf of that business – like your employees send through your CRM. The “10DLC” simply refers to a 10-digit long code — think of it as a regular phone number but fine-tuned for mass messaging. If this paragraph hurt your head, don’t worry, you don’t need to remember what you’ve just read; However, this is why you should care.

A2P 10DLC is becoming the gold standard for business messaging, paving the way for brands, especially car dealerships, to communicate more seamlessly and on a grander scale with their current and potential customers without their messaging being marked as “spam” by the phone carriers.

Here is Why:

Imagine sending a text about a weekend sale to many customers from a regular number. This method is not only time-consuming, but many of these texts might end up in spam or not be delivered at all.

With A2P 10DLC, dealerships can:

  1. Dispatch bulk messages, be it sale notifications or maintenance reminders, with ease.
  2. Enjoy enhanced delivery rates, minimizing the dreaded spam flag.
  3. Bolster customer trust by utilizing a consistent and recognizable number.

The Criticality of the August 31st Deadline:
Come this date, top-tier carriers will mandate businesses to officially register their 10DLC numbers. For car dealerships, this signifies:

  1. Better Customer Communication: Once registered, dealerships can send many messages easily and make sure they’re received.
  2. Avoiding Problems: If you don’t register by august 31st, your messages will not be sent at all and you will also get penalized by the carriers.
  3. Keeping Trust: Registering helps ensure your messages get through, so customers aren’t left waiting or confused.

Consider Scenario A: A dealership decides on a spontaneous sale. They text 500 eager customers. But, they overlooked A2P 10DLC registration, resulting in no messages being delivered. The outcome? All sales opportunities, missed.

Now, Scenario B: The same dealership, but with A2P 10DLC registration in place. They shoot their message to 500 potential customers, reaching nearly all. Customers pour in, deals are clinched, and the atmosphere buzzes with satisfaction.

For car dealerships, staying connected is paramount. In this digital era, ensuring that messages navigate their course promptly and securely is non-negotiable. A2P 10DLC isn’t just another techie acronym; it’s your ticket to seamless communication, buoyed sales, and unwavering customer trust. As August 31st approaches, it’s not about deciding whether to adapt, but ensuring you do so in time.

Contact us now to register your dealership for A2P 10DLC.