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At Metta Dealers, we’ve uncovered a fascinating trend in our years of experience: customers who click on Facebook and Instagram ads tend to take longer to convert than leads from other sources. However, this doesn’t mean that social media advertising for car dealerships is a dead end. By deploying our innovative Text Message Follow-Up system, dealerships all over the country have successfully turned these leads into impressive sales numbers. In this blog post, we’ll demonstrate how a strategic, persistent follow-up approach can revolutionize your car dealership’s social media advertising results.

Key Findings from Metta Dealers’ Client Data: One of our clients invested $6,500 in Facebook ads in April 2022 and sold 30 cars, resulting in a cost of just $217 per car sold—significantly lower than the industry average. Interestingly, the data shows that these leads converted over an extended period, with sales happening even up to March 2023. This underscores the importance of a longer follow-up period for Facebook leads.

Three Essential Takeaways for Car Dealerships:


    1. A Tailored Approach for Facebook Leads: Facebook leads are often less committed than leads from other sources, requiring a different handling approach. These potential buyers might be in the initial stages of research or simply browsing, so it’s vital to adapt your follow-up strategy to suit their needs.

    1. Extended Follow-Up Periods are Key: Our data indicates that Facebook leads take longer to convert, likely because they’re still gathering information. By implementing our Text Message Follow-Up system, you can automate your dealership’s follow-up process and maintain regular contact with leads over time. This helps you remain top-of-mind and provide valuable information throughout their decision-making process.

    1. Relationship Building is Essential: Prolonged follow-up isn’t just about making sales; it’s also about cultivating relationships with potential customers. By offering valuable assistance throughout their research journey, you can foster trust and establish your dealership as a valuable resource. This can lead to future sales and even referrals from satisfied clients.

Metta Dealers Success Story: Our client, who invested $6,500 in Facebook ads, experienced remarkable results. Their cost per car sold remained low, and they consistently generated 25-35 additional car deals per month from their Facebook ad spend. All it took was patience, persistence, and the right follow-up strategy.

Conclusion: Following up with Facebook leads indefinitely is crucial for success in automotive social media lead generation. By utilizing a Text Message Follow-Up system, you can streamline the follow-up process and ensure that you’re consistently engaging leads over time. This can help you forge relationships with potential customers and ultimately boost sales for your dealership. With Metta Dealers by your side, you can dominate your online local market without breaking the bank.