Auto dealerships are no strangers to in-market shopper leads, thanks to platforms like, Autotrader, CarGurus, and Google PPC. These leads consist of people actively searching for a vehicle. However, converting Facebook and Instagram leads requires a different strategy. So, why is it challenging for dealers to convert social media leads? Let’s explore.

While browsing Facebook or Instagram, users may stumble upon your ad, even if they weren’t actively seeking a car. Treating these leads as if they were in-market shoppers can result in missed opportunities, as they may not be as interested or well-informed about purchasing a vehicle.

The secret to successfully converting Facebook and Instagram leads lies in asking a variety of questions and engaging in meaningful dialogues with potential customers. By delving into their needs, desires, and budget, you can personalize your approach, fostering trust and rapport.

It’s vital for salespeople to remember that social media leads may not possess the same level of knowledge as in-market shoppers. Taking the time to educate them and inquire about their preferences can make all the difference. Consider asking these questions to learn more about their interests:

  1. What type of car are you currently driving?
  2. What features do you value in a vehicle?
  3. How much are you willing to spend?
  4. Have you looked into any specific brands or models?
  5. Would you prefer buying or leasing a car?
  6. What aspects are crucial to you in a vehicle?
  7. When do you plan to purchase a car?
  8. Have you taken any vehicles for a test drive yet?
  9. Are you interested in a new or pre-owned vehicle?


The primary goal when communicating with Facebook and Instagram leads is to establish a connection and create a relationship based on trust and transparency. By asking open-ended questions and attentively listening to their responses, you’ll gain valuable insights into their needs and preferences, demonstrating your genuine concern for their individual experience.

In conclusion, the key to converting social media leads for car dealerships lies in understanding the customer’s mindset and nurturing a rapport based on trust and transparency. Adopting this approach will lead to noticeable improvements in converting Facebook and Instagram leads into successful sales.